Linda Regan

About Me

I have owned twelve dogs, so far, in my life. All different breeds, including pedigrees and rescue crossbreeds. I have adore them all. I am totally devoted to all and every, breed. 

My own dog travels everywhere with me. I have learned a lot about the canine world as life has gone on, and I know I have a lot to learn yet. I created this blog as I want to share stories of our beloved furry friends, and places we visit and places that are not so dog friendly. I hope you will join me, send me tips and favourite places you go, especially around kent, so we can share our experiences. 

I am an actress and a novelist.  If you want to know more about me, check out my personal website, which is:

You can also follow me out on twitter at @Linda_Regan  and Facebook.


The Terror Within

by Linda Regan

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If you are a reader, I have written nine crime novels, maybe you will want to try them.

They are available on Amazon, good book shops and all libraries.

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