Isle of Wight

THIS IS FRENDY AT THE END OF A DAY ON THE BEACH, RESTING AND RECUPERATING AND DREAMING OF MORE FUN TOMORROW. We have been holidaying on the Isle of Wight. Frendy loved the beach. She ran and chased the waves as they rolled in and out, and adored fishing for seaweed. I...

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Doggy Packing

I have had twelve dogs in my life so far, and I never stop learning about them.As it is the summer and we are all looking forward to our holidays, for those of us who holiday with our canine friends, I have made a reminder list of what I need to take. I hope it helps...

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Hot Day

Well today is baking hot, and we are about to go and play in the park. I have Factor 50 suncream rubbed all over myself, and also my dog's skin, that is on show. Someone said, 'dogs don't need this they are dogs.'WRONG. Some do. I have a white dog with pink skin.I...

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